As a skilled writer, I’ve developed all types of content, which includes:

  • SEO Articles
  • Web Copies
  • Ad Copies
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Outlines and Strategies

In recent years, I’ve also become skilled in areas such as:

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Team Management – particularly managing writers, developing skills, troubleshoot and develop solutions
  • Workflow Development

You can view most of my portfolio on my Google Drive.

Michelle Jean Brohier's Overall Portfolio

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Digital & Content Marketing Related Certifications

Content Marketing Certification
Content Marketing

Editing Examples

Article #5 6 Health Benefits Of Using An Ergonomic Chair_v7.0.pdf

Article #6 How To Choose The Best Visitor Chair For Your Office_v5.0.pdf

Botox For Men_ Pros And Cons To Consider Before Getting One_v8.0.pdf

The Cost Of Autogate Installations In Malaysia_v4.0.pdf

SEO Ranking Portfolio

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Freelance Articles Written

Article: How To Budget (A Realistic Guide for 2021)

Client: Bitcatcha